The Sanders Surge

Bernie Sanders is well positioned to make a major comeback in the race, not that he ever fell far behind mind you. After his upset victory in Michigan last week, and two very strong debate performances, the momentum is clearly with Sanders. Three of the states voting tomorrow, (Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio) are likely Sanders wins given that they roughly match the profile of states in which that Sanders has already proven strong: they aren’t in the South. Of the twelve non-southern states that have voted already, Clinton has won three to Sanders’ nine, and Clinton’s three victories were quite close indeed. Furthermore, the issue of free trade seems to have given Sanders the right message to appeal to Rust-Belt voters, bringing more voters his way. Another major factor in the potential Sanders’ surge is Donald Trump. The best way to win votes in the Democratic primaries right now is to be the anti-Trump, and with Donald Trump blaming Sanders for the violence at Trump rallies, Sanders can do just that. The clear juxtaposition of Trump vs Sanders can only be good for his campaign and can help him sidestep Clinton altogether in the minds of voters.

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Democratic-party nomination. If Sanders can post a convincing overall win tomorrow, he could begin to run away with the nomination. The official Standard Daily News prediction for tomorrow is: Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois for Sanders, and North Carolina for Clinton with Florida as a toss-up that could go either way.