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Hello everybody!

Yesterday I did quite a bit of site maintenance and upgrades, with a little left today. I deleted all the comments currently on the site. I did this because yesterday I finally put in a spam filter. Previously I was my own spam filter, which was rather time consuming (so much spam!) and I never felt like I got all of it and that I may have mis-marked genuine comments. So I put in an automatic spam filter to do this task for me and I decided to start with a clean slate. I apologize if your comments were deleted. But on the plus side, it is now easier than ever to leave comments on the site! No longer do you need a account to comment, now you can leave comments through your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. I also added a feature to submit your email to receive email notifications of new posts. You can find this on the sidebar of the main page. There you will also find a Twitter button that takes you directly to the site’s twitter page. There are a few other new features that I can’t remember at the moment or that I plan to add today. Hope you enjoy the site!

Gregory Palmer


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