To my readers

So far in February, I have definitely missed the mark on my New Years Resolution, though I did actually make it last month. But my dear readers, I have not been idle. The site finally has a logo (yay!) and I have also placed a few ads on the site. The ads serve to earn me some income, which will steadily allow me to devote more time to writing and working full time for the site. So when you see the ads, don’t think of them as obnoxious space fillers, but rather as tools that will allow me to provide you with more of the content that you come here for in the first place. I’ve also re-written my About page, and much of the rest of this month will go to continued improvements in the presentation of the site, particularly on social media. But fret not! There will still be more substantive posts coming this month. Thanks for reading, and remember: you can contact me readily!

Gregory Palmer