Trump’s Helsinki Summit

President Donald Trump’s statements following the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin were nothing less than extraordinary. President Trump openly placed greater trust in Putin’s denials of wrongdoing than in American intelligence agencies and other governmental bodies. His statements the following day offering “clarification” were far from convincing. But more troubling still is that this performance was simply a continuation of a pattern of behavior from the President. The Helsinki summit again shows that President Trump is guided more by self-interest than national interest.

President Trump frequently touts his eagerness for “bold” action. He wants to be seen as a President willing to go where predecessors were not. For Donald Trump however, this means a pursuit for personal glory. His meetings with Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin were ego driven affairs. Trump wants to maintain his image as a “dealmaker,” even, or perhaps especially, if that means meeting with tyrants. This quest for personal glory can also be seen in his remarks on NATO, particularly in the last week. He continues to insist that it was through the sheer force of his personality that NATO members were convinced to raise defense spending, stating in a tweet on the 17th that the spending increases were “only because of me”. Nevermind the fact that the recent NATO summit resulted in little more than an affirmation by members to commit to a 2014 agreement to raise contributions.

But this isn’t really news now is it? We have known for a long time that Donald Trump is arrogant and ego-driven. That’s why so many of the White staff members have been fired: he cannot take criticism. The real question is, how much longer are we going to let that ego endanger national interests? At what point is Congress, particularly Trump’s fellow Republicans, going to say “enough”? A nation cannot be ruled by a single man’s vanity. And Trump’s seeming inability to separate the election meddling issue from collusion allegations is but one of many examples of how that vanity is having a direct, detrimental effect on American democracy and national interest.

There are a number of concrete steps that Congress can take to put the President in check. First, and perhaps most importantly, Congressional leaders can directly rebuke President Trump, by name, for disparaging our allies and governmental agencies. Congress can issue legislation to sanction Russia for its actions and to remind the world that President Trump is not the sole political power in the United States. Furthermore, Congress can work to restrict the ever-growing scope and power of executive orders (admittedly a concern that began well before the Trump presidency). Action is needed, and Congress must show that it is up to the task.


One thought on “Trump’s Helsinki Summit”

  1. YES POTUS could have been stronger in his comments re Russian interference in American affairs. Here is the qoute from the transcript.
    Trump-“So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that president Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”
    Please remember the context of the allegations re Russian interference- Russia interfered with Presdential CAMPAIGNS , 2016, 2012, 2008.
    Per Pres Obama And both DOJ ADMIN. Not a single vote was affected during the actual votes. We r decentralized enough that this remains undoable.
    Still saying he has great confidence in our intelligence people – does not sound Treasonous!
    Except to the left and MSM. If you think about the situation MSM has done more to exaggerate and push negative narratives that make us question ourselves. At this point the Media and Left Canibalism is Putin best friend – exactly what Putin went for is to have us doubt our Democracy.

    Something no one has mentioned that was also in the press meeting , is Mr.Broward who he and his investors have made a sum in excess of 15 biilion. This man gave up USA citizenship in 1998, and maintained his investments into Russia ( ref: the Magnitsky act) . Mr.Broward sent 400million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, this was money that incurred no taxes in Russia or USA.

    I cannot imagine if that campaign money went to TRUMP from that source instead , what conniptions the MSM be experiencing .
    We do have a treaty to handle legal cases between Russia and USA .
    We must be most careful to not allow Russians to infiltrate our Republic and inuendo and words such as TREASON , due to not making strong enough comments off the cuff only emboldens our enemies.

    There are less than two years until the next presidential vote. So if the left gets its act together they can try again. Watching TV, or listening to Radio the constant barrage of foul words against ourselves is exactly what the Russians want.
    I am sure Vlad laughs as he watches our system implode.

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